About The Journal

First published in 1969, The Journal of Venture Studies (JoVS) was one of many prominent publications covering developments in super-science throughout the mid-20th century.

Long defunct, we have recently brought the Journal back into print to pursue deep inquiry and advanced research around the animated television series "The Venture Bros."

Volume I of JoVS -- published February 2013 -- examines a diverse range of topics, including an exegesis on the theme of "failure" in the series, and the flavor of the Red Mocho Kooler.

Volume II of JoVS -- published May 2013 -- focuses on the latest developments in field of Venture Studies. Articles include a look at the creative influence of Ben Edlund, and an extended exploration of David Bowie's role as Sovereign. 

Editorial Staff
* T.R. Hwang, Publisher
* Nolan Bensen, Managing Editor
* Patrick Davison, Managing Editor
* Lea Rosen, Managing Editor
* John Shutt, Managing Editor